The Growler B.C. Four-Issue Subscription Winter 2018

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Have one year's worth of The Growler delivered right to your door!

Why bother peeling yourself off your couch, driving – or gawd forbid, walking – to your local brewery and acquiring our next four issues that way? Why indeed.

This package includes our Winter 2018 issue, as well as our Spring 2019, Summer 2019 and Fall 2019 issues, which will be delivered in the first weeks of March, June and September 2019.



This issue, we’re excited to announce the first-ever Growler Craft Beer Awards, AKA the Growlies! Unlike other craft beer awards and contests, the Growlies are decided by you, the beer-drinking public. We tallied up tens of thousands of votes and you can see the results, along with profiles of some of the winning beers and breweries. We hope you’ll join us and celebrate everything that makes the B.C. craft beer scene such a beautiful, delicious thing.

Speaking of delicious things, ‘tis the season for dark, malty beers, so Joe Wiebe looks at the history of porters and stouts, and what, if any, the difference is between the two. If you’re thinking about cellaring some of the boozy year-end releases that are out right now, we have a handy guide so you won’t get soaked by gushing bottles of poorly stored beer.  We’ve also got lots of seasonally appropriate, non-denominational fun, from gift guides and winter reading lists, to a recipe for yummy beer soup that will warm your soul, and your liver!

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