The Growler Ontario Volume 2, Issue 3 (Fall 2019)

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New breweries seem to open every week and established ones continue to push themselves to invent new offerings to keep us satiated.

But it can sometimes feel like a struggle to get to the latest and greatest in Ontario craft beer.

One challenge is the sheer size of our province. We haven’t visited all of the Northern Ontario breweries, so we're happy to see Crystal Luxmore has a guide to them. Also, Jordan St. John takes a look at how bar owners are building mini-empires to get more of the good stuff into our hands.

And Ben Johnson goes over to the dark side to see how social media has been corrupted but could still, with a little work, be a force for good beer.

As well, breweries are seeing online ordering for home delivery as a solution for connecting with both die-hard fans and the curious dabblers. So, we added a new icon to our brewery directory so that you can tell who sells on the web.

But, if you’re like us, you’ll want to join our old-school, in-person tour of Prince Edward County. Plus: fall colours!

That’s just a preview of the great writing and lovely design we have crammed into this issue. Cheers!

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