The Growler Ontario Volume 2, Issue 4 (Winter 2019)

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Beer festivals have slowed to a trickle and patios have closed for the season. This is the time of year when amateurs scurry back to their red wine and mulled cider while the enthusiasts are left to enjoy the elbow room at the pub.

Ontario craft beer has grown immensely in ten years and now is a great time for reflection. Jordan St. John has a look at how the evolving versions of IPA are apt signposts for what we drink.

We’ll soon be in the midst of the holiday-party season and I think there’s no food more festive than oysters. We have a recipe for the perfect spread and also a critical look at holiday entertaining by Ben Johnson.

Once the dust settles, many of us will want to check our consumption with a dry January. Crystal Luxmore finds out about everything from support resources to non-alcoholic beer and how this can be more than just a 31-day struggle.

Through our Brewer vs. Brewer column I hear a lot about the friction between contract brewers and those who own their own facility. This issue, several of the new listings in our directory belong to long-time contract brewers who took over existing breweries. If you can’t beat ’em sell to ’em?

As you gather with family and friends this winter, join us in raising a glass to the ambitious and interesting beers Ontario craft brewers are creating!

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